4 Tips on How To Order Custom Wine Bottle Boxes


Many events call for custom wine bottle boxes, such as family reunions, company celebrations, and weddings. When ordering these custom boxes, there are obvious things to consider, such as what you want to have engraved on the box, but there are some things that people do not know they can ask for. Here are the top four tips on how to order custom wine bottle boxes.

1. Font Style

When ordering the engraving, the company may only have a few examples displayed for you to look at, but that does not mean those are your only choices. Find out if they have more samples available. If you have a specific font that represents your company or event, check with the customer service department to see if they can duplicate it. Some businesses use machines that they can set to a variety of lettering styles, so it would not hurt to investigate your other options.

2. Logos

Business or product logos can be put on custom wine bottle boxes to give out as gifts to your clients. Some wine box companies have programmable wood engraving machines that the operator can upload designs into. You can have a truly unique piece. Lasers engrave the patterns, so they are accurate, sharp, and crisp. Before ordering the logo, show the wine box company the design to make sure it will fit on the packaging.

3. Horizontal or Vertical

The engraving is often completed on the sliding lid of the wine boxes. You have two choices on the way the customization can be put on. You may have to use the horizontal print if you are writing out a long last name or a statement. The horizontal print means the wine will be sitting on its side until they open the box and drink the wine, which is usually fine. On the other hand, a vertically printed custom wooden wine box lid means the receiver will keep the wine bottle standing upright until they are ready to drink it. Some wine manufacturers do not recommend this position because the cork can dry out. The type, age, and cost of the wine that you will be presenting in the box may help you decide between printing horizontally or up and down the box.

4. Add-ons

Often custom wooden wine boxes have upgrades and add-ons available that are not readily advertised. For example, there may be free or discounted shipping. You may be able to request different types of packing material to cushion the wine inside the box. Some options might be tissue paper, curly ribbon, or fabric. Gift bags, both cloth and plastic, might be something you can also purchase, so all you have to do is add the wine, close the lid, and give out the gifts.


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