Eight Ways that Bleacher Seats Can Improve a Facility


Bleachers seats are an absolutely great way to increase the seating capacity at a recreation facility, high school or university stadium. They are safe and sturdy and can be used to enhance any seating facility and improve access and accessibility for people of all age and abilities.

1. Increase seating

The major use of bleacher seats is to provide adequate seating at sporting and cultural events, particularly when they are held outside. But some types of bleachers seats can be assembled quickly and effectively to provide for additional seating that is both safe and fairly inexpensive.

2. Special events

Bleacher seats can be used to provide for seating for special events that might happen only once a year. This might include graduation ceremonies where floor space is limited inside or for spectator seating at outdoor events like a concert or a horse jumping contest.

3. Divide space

They can also be utilized to divide space so that it can be used for two events or activities at the same time. This might be at a football stadium for a music concert when not all of the seating will be used, or in a school gymnasium where is there a dual-purpose need for the space.

4. Outdoor seating

Bleacher seating is ideal for almost any form of activity in the great outdoors. It allows spectators at events to rise a little above the action on the field so that they can see all of the action that is happening in every corner of the stadium or sports facility.

5. Modernize facilities

A great way to modernize an old recreational or sporting space is to add new aluminum bleacher seats. They can help to spruce up and make the area look like new again. They also allow for more spectators to view and enjoy the activities within the facilities.

6. Improve safety

Bleacher seats also bring order to the sometimes-chaotic seating arrangements that exist at many amateur and school facilities. That’s why the professional sports teams use them. They allow for controlled access and egress and are proven to be effective in helping to evacuate in an emergency.

7. Help schools

Bleacher seats also add an aura of professionalism to any high school or college sports facility or gym. They are perfect for sporting events, but they also serve a great purpose for assemblies or graduation ceremonies.

8. Improve accessibility

Most jurisdictions now require that all public seating be fully accessible for all members of the public. Bleacher seats can be designed and assembled to help achieve this goal at any facility.


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