Lighting for Older Adults


Lighting the Way, for older adults

Everyone’s vision deteriorates with age, but there are ways to lessen its impact. Geared specifically towards aging seniors experiencing vision changes, this publication answers common questions about vision and lighting and offers ways light their home for easier and more comfortable seeing. The guide even goes room-by-room to make suggestions specific to each living space.

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Lighting the Way, for designers and architects

Geared specifically for designers and architects, this publication discusses lighting and vision issues specific to an aging population and how to design lighting installations to minimize some of the negative changes that occur with age.

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Lighting the Way, for healthcare professionals

This publication provides health care professionals with useful information about good lighting as it applies to an aging population. Health care providers can improve the quality of life for seniors and can mitigate some common problems with aging eyes.

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Published with the permission of Lighting Research Centre of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


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