Looking For A Smooth Moving Experience? Here Are 7 Challenges To Watch Out For


Moving can be fun. You look forward to living in your new location. First, you have to get over the hurdle of moving. It can really be stressful. Knowing what you will face and anticipating them will help you overcome the challenges. Here are seven of them.

1. Lifting Heavy Furniture


You have stuff like beds and cupboards. It takes more than two people to lift and shift these items. Packing large furniture is also a problem.

Get in touch with the right professional like Calgary movers www.matco.ca and let them handle it. They have the equipment and people with experience as well as expertise in handling large and heavy items.

Another solution is to simply sell them off or donate them to charity. You save on transportation costs too.

2. Securing Fragile items

Securing Fragile items

You do not know how the movers and packers will handle your precious fragile crockery and glassware. Your electronic items too can be considered fragile and vulnerable to damage despite taking utmost care during packing. It is the way movers handle boxes that can damage fragile items.

The solution is to use foam, bubble wrap, and strong boxes. First, wrap fragile items in foam and then place packing peanut foam granules all around them. Crockery should always be individually wrapped with bubble foam or newspapers.

3. Packing Everything

Packing Everything

Packing is time-consuming and laborious. From the smallest to the largest item, you have to manage everything and find suitable boxes to put them in.

Solution: leave it to professional packers and movers in Calgary.

Attempting to do everything could result in a sloppy job and lots of stress.

4. Items can be lost

Items can be lost

Pack haphazardly and it is likely you will misplace or lose certain items.

The solution is to make a detailed inventory first. Then you pack items into a box and tick them off on the list, assigning a box number to those items. Label the box with a list of contents. Number the box.

Make a list in duplicate, one for the mover and one for you. When boxes arrive at the destination, tick off the boxes as they are unloaded.

To prevent loss in transit or damage, pick a mover who will use only one truck to move your goods directly to your new location.

5. Finding the right mover

Finding the right mover

Quite a few people have ended up paying more and becoming victims of moving scamsters.

Solution: Do your research properly.

Get movers to visit your house and to give you an estimate in writing, listing all charges upfront.

Check that movers have offices and vehicles of their own. Visit their office to verify their location and also check if they are registered and licensed.

6. Pets and plants

Pets and plants

If you have pets and plants you are up against a problem. Many movers will refuse to transport pets, plants and hazardous materials.

The solution is to be clear beforehand with the movers and confirm that they will carry your plants and pets.

7. Utilities and tying up loose ends

Utilities and tying up loose ends

You have to work. You have to manage the moving process and you have to tie up loose ends. It can be stressful in the extreme.

The trick is to start the process of tying up loose ends a month before your planned move date. Pay up telephone and electricity bills and get service disconnected.


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