Six Better Ways Than the Piggy Bank That You Can Use to Save for Your Kid’s Education


Saving money for the future is just another one of those necessary evils that we all have to face. For some people, it’s usually harder than it sounds the first time. But it’s not such a mundane task to make you want to fear it so. You simply need to work out the best saving tips and methods that work for you and take it from there. You will also need to cut back on some of your spending habits and expenses plus be very disciplined if you wish to make it at all saving.

Thanks to creditors like you can get instant loans which can be used to cater for miscellaneous expenses related to your child’s education. Nevertheless having a fail proof plan for your kids’ education is still paramount.

Here are a couple of money saving tips that can help you a great deal if and when used wisely.

1. Nix the cable

Services like Netflix, Apple TV, and Hulu all have incredibly attractive rates for their services. when you compare these services to the prices and those of the cable TV. You will definitely go for the latter based on their prices. With Hulu and Netflix, you have to pay monthly fees and charges for their services. And you only need to have an Apple TV to have access to a variety of major networks. Imagine this, even if you pay for all of these services, you will still be able to have some leftover change as opposed to when you use cable.

2. Take out cash

Don’t rely too much on your credit cards to make transactions. For the most part, it’s a lot harder to keep track of your daily spending when using credit cards than when you use cash to make your transactions. Take out cash at the beginning of every week that’s just enough to push you through the week and see how you can manage it throughout the week.

3. Grow some veggies

Doing this will save you a few extra bucks from always having to go to the grocery store to buy greens. You can look up how to start a vegetable garden in your backyard. And also do some basic research on how you can grow them on your own. From there, you will be good to go. It may even end up becoming a therapeutic activity for you. Maybe you even start selling your surplus and make some cash off of it.

4. Swap your clothes

As awkward as it sounds, it’s actually a good way of saving the cash that you would have, otherwise, used on buying new clothes. If you have friends or family members who wear the same cloth size as you and are up for it, then why not go for it? you don’t necessarily need to buy new clothes for every party or event that you attend. You will also save up some room in your closet as well.

5. Look for free activities

Feeling free for the day and don’t know exactly how to spend your free day? Then why not look for free activities which you can enjoy either by yourself or with friends and/or family members? You don’t necessarily need to go to the movies where you possibly end up spending hundreds of dollars. Head to the park, have a picnic or just have a stroll with friends. Organize a date night. Just try out some free activities which you will enjoy and will also save you cash.

6. Cook more

You can save a lot of money staying at home and opting to cook rather than ordering takeout or heading to restaurants and hotels to eat. It’s also healthier, at least most of the time compared to eat out.


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