Three Unique Things to Think About When Choosing Caribbean Medical Schools


If you are like many aspiring medical students, you may be reviewing Caribbean Medical School requirements and researching the application process in detail. Such steps can help you to better prepare yourself for a rigorous application process for Caribbean medical schools. Applying for a Caribbean medical university is very similar to applying for a mainland medical school. You may find that much of the education process is similar as well. While you can enjoy roughly the same educational experience while attending Caribbean medical schools, there are a few unique things you need to think about before enrolling in these schools that you would not need to think about on the mainland.

Hurricane Season

Hurricanes can strike islands as well as coastal regions on the mainland. However, the likelihood of being hit by a hurricane is greater on an island because of the unique location of the islands. In addition, those in coastal regions on the mainland typically have the option to drive farther inland for safety when a hurricane approaches. On an island, your main option is to fly away, but most islanders choose to ride out hurricanes at home. Adjusting to hurricane season and learning more about hurricane safety may be some of your most significant challenges as you get used to island life.

A Great Climate Year-Round

Despite the threat of a passing hurricane from time to time during the peak of hurricane season, you will find that the weather is typically great on tropical islands year-round. Caribbean islands generally have a wet climate, and afternoon rain showers are common on many islands. However, showers usually subside quickly and give way to an abundance of sunshine throughout most hours of the day. In addition, warm temperatures are common year-round in most locations, and snowfall is almost unheard of. This is often far more desirable that suffering through harsh winter weather conditions on the mainland.

Access to Your Favorite Foods

The availability of some types of foods may be limited on some islands, and this is particularly true if you attend a Caribbean medical university on a smaller island or one that is less frequented by tourists. There may be some chain restaurants on a few islands, but local fare may be easier to find. Depending what your favorite foods are, you may be hard-pressed to find them on the islands.

While there are pros and cons to enrolling, many people find that the scenic beauty and wonderful climate of island life combined with easy access to numerous types of adventures in your free time makes this a wonderful environment to attend medical school in.

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