What Would the World Look Like Without Education?


Imagine a world where no one was educated… I thought so too, pretty unimaginable. Here are some of the reasons why there are so many Teachers College institutes to ensure education thrives;

1. Education is a basic investment

Today, the perception of how to be successful, to survive, to challenge ourselves, to give ourselves a definitive purpose, to have a viable career, to steer and navigate life is profoundly linked to education. What is the crux of what makes us content humans in our domain if not our life-long culmination of practice and education?

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2. Ultimately, starved of education, individuals barely have lives

They can’t read, can’t write, drive, or simply comprehend a medical prescription or a restaurant menu. Without reading ability, there would be no internet, nor books, newspapers, or computers. Devoid of basic literacy and numeracy, machines would be pointless, algorithms would be non-existent. Without science, we wouldn’t have doctors and architects, no cures or vaccinations, no communication lines between cultures, no technology, no languages, not even the written language of love, and the world would be gray and cold.

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3. Education fulfills our natural curiosity

Education is quite different from being literate and if examined beyond its conventional frontiers, forms the very kernel of all our activities, its divinity shapes humanity, imparts social values and indoctrinates the vulnerable with valuable philosophies. It levels the playing field, allowing everyone to compete and offers one the power to think clearly, to socially reproduce ideas, recreate life chances and appreciate life.

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4. Education is a continuous process

Each minute of life is an integral opportunity to learn no matter what is happening to us or around us. All living beings undergo the learning process irrespective of status and class. When we are not making efforts to hit books, our mind is always processing innovative information or trying to scrutinize similarities as well as the miniature nuances contained by the context which makes this particular topic unique. Academics drives us to seek more complex answers and discover more complicated problems.

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5. It is a progressive way to rid of ignorance

At its most basic level, and by any objective standards, education is vital in giving people the baseline skills to live and explain the metamorphosis between being able to perform a job accurately and being entirely unable to perform. So, adopting a dismissive attitude towards education, we discredit the option to thrust our envelope of ease, leading to some brilliantly crafted insightful conversations and discoveries about nearly impossible things.

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Dethroning educational institutions as highly liberal monarchs of knowledge, is not snubbing instruction rather challenging the notion that there is such a thing as a universal definition of a successful educated humanoid.In conclusion, a world without education would mean a world without happiness, safety and health.



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